Priority 3 – Wellbeing and Resilience

Good work is recognised to have positive effects on our wellbeing. Modern work and modern life can be challenging and both need personal resilience. Resilience can only be built in a supportive environment that recognises the importance of mental health with people who are not afraid to talk about it. 

We have been running regular wellbeing weeks to bring our people together for fun activities in the workplace for some time. We provide all the usual support that you will have come to expect from a good employer. We also work closely with our managers to review any underlying issues in their workforce – before we plan work programmes later in the year.  And we work with a staff group (The Staff Hub) on projects that affect wellbeing – such as sensible email usage.

You will learn all about this when you join us.

Through year one of our strategy we will be going a step further, setting up a dedicated Wellbeing group to progress actions to identify, support and foster work practices that lead to positive mental health. 

Honest, open, two-way, sensitive and confidential discussions contribute to our wellbeing. As many of us know from our own experience – a good working relationship with a manager has a profound impact on not just our work but our life in general – so there is a strong link with Priority 1 – Leadership and Management.