Priority 4 – Learning and Development

To keep interest and commitment alive, and to retain staff with the passion that match our ambitions, we want people to keep learning and growing.

Learning and Development can mean many different things. Even making sure you have the technical skills you need to do your job is not static – as the world around us changes – we all need to keep learning to keep up. 

There are so many ways you can learn today. It might still be in a traditional classroom based atmosphere with a training partnership working with all the local authorities in Surrey. This gives you the chance to make real connections with other local government colleagues. Or you may prefer to learn at your own pace using varied programmes on the internet including subscription based services we make available to everybody working for us. But nowadays there are so many other ways, including learning by working with, or shadowing, other people or by getting involved in a project outside your usual area. 

You may even take part in cutting edge experiential learning using Virtual Reality. This type of learning uses all your senses so it really stays with you and can help you experience as close to first hand as possible what it’s like to be somebody else in a particular situation that may not be familiar to you. 

Learning and Development can of course also mean taking you on more ambitious programmes for your next career move. For those who prove their worth there are many different programmes and offerings either with us or at a national level. This is how we have built a track record of developing some ambitious people who have gone on to do (more) great things. But we also retain people who find fulfilling careers with us. Aspirations are unique. This priority, therefore, once again rests on effective management which is our focus for Priority 1 – Leadership and Management.

The inclusion of this priority reflects our continuing commitment to your development. Progress will be a focus during year two of the Organisational Development Strategy. 

You will not lack opportunity if you work with us, and it works both ways. We want to learn from all our people.