Priority 1 – Leadership and Management

Whatever stage of your career you’ve reached, we know how important it is to have regular time with your manager. He or she has the biggest impact on how well you can do your work. This may be by coaching or empowering you so that you can get on with the job you’re trained to do, by listening out for potential support or assistance to help, by making sure you have the right training and, when you have proved your performance in your current role, by assisting you to develop even further.

We believe all our managers need to be good leaders too. In a working environment like ours, we are all connected to the communities we serve. Our managers need to instil passion for the work that we do, building and connecting people to a shared vision, connecting the day to day work of every single team member to the strategic plans and priorities set by the Council.

This takes a special person. Technical competence is a given. It is necessary for your credibility with the team. But the value of a manager to us isn’t just expertise. We work with our managers as they progress through the organisation, making sure they develop the management and leadership skills to allow others to develop their expertise, and to build high performing teams.  

If you are joining us as a Manager, whatever level you are, you can expect to be stretched and developed, and to demonstrate your ability to foster positive working relationships that lead to high performance.

For everybody else joining us you can expect a Manager to spend time with you, to listen to you, and to push you to perform at your very best. 

We don’t expect all our people to be programmed to be the same. We will treat you like an individual – everybody is unique, has their own story to tell and their own unique strengths and skills.  

Leadership and Management is the number one priority for our Organisational Development Strategy – underpinning all the other priority areas as the firm foundation on which our ambitions are built.