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Our Chief Executive Karen talks about how we’ve adapted to working during this period.

It’s been a challenging few months, but as always the Mole Valley team has stepped up. We have long supported flexible approaches to working, so adapted quickly to working at home.

What we’re missing most though is our lovely colleagues, but we’ve tried to make things a little easier by having more team meetings, running interactive staff video briefings and launching Facebook Workplace. Even our staff book club has gone virtual!

“Celebrating diversity and promoting inclusion for all” 

  • Our staff live our values. We do all we can to ensure they achieve their potential
  • We’re always looking for better ways to work. We’re focussed on delivering high quality, value for money services, in-house and though partnerships
  • We listen to our staff as soon as they join us.  We have a modern, vibrant staff engagement group called Staff Hub which attracts people from right across the organisation.  Many have less than 5 years service bringing fresh ideas and influences to cross cutting staff projects. 
  • Whilst our focus will always be on the communities we serve our Organisational Development Strategy is all about making us a great place to work, so that we can do our best work. 
  • We believe that our communities are best served if we approach partnership working with open minds
  • We support the Armed Forces Community Covenant and are committed to working closely with and supporting current and former armed forces employees and their families. A current or former armed forces employee who meets all of the essential shortlisting criteria for a Mole Valley District Council advertised job will receive priority status on their application
  • Our work is shaped by a strategic Council Strategy (2019 – 2024) which sets out our priorities
  • Our Annual Report is produced each year setting our key achievements in support of the priorities in the Council Strategy

Staff Satisfaction

100% of our staff who responded to our annual survey are satisfied with Mole Valley District Council as an employer.

90% of staff who responded to our annual survey report satisfaction at feeling supported and empowered to work to their highest ability.

Our new Organisational Development Strategy is designed to recruit and retain people with passion to progress.

Ambitious Plans

Big projects include:

Organisational Development

Asset Management

Transform Leatherhead

Local Plan

Affordable Housing

Community Transport

And much more! 

For more information about Mole Valley District Council, visit our website.

For our latest news visit news.molevalley.gov.uk