About Us

We’re friendly, like to socialise and take our work seriously.

  • Our staff live our values. We do all we can to ensure they achieve their potential
  • We’re always looking for better ways to work. We’re focussed on delivering high quality, value for money services, in-house and though partnerships
  • We listen to our staff as soon as they join us.  We have a modern, vibrant staff engagement group called Staff Hub which attracts people from right across the organisation.  Many have less than 5 years service bringing fresh ideas and influences to cross cutting staff projects. 
  • Whilst our focus will always be on the communities we serve our Organisational Development Strategy is all about making us a great place to work, so that we can do our best work. 
  • We believe that our communities are best served if we approach partnership working with open minds
  • We support the Armed Forces Community Covenant and are committed to working closely with and supporting current and former armed forces employees and their families. A current or former armed forces employee who meets all of the essential shortlisting criteria for a Mole Valley District Council advertised job will receive priority status on their application
  • Our work is shaped by a strategic Council Strategy (2019 – 2024) which sets out our priorities
  • Our Annual Report is produced each year setting our key achievements in support of the priorities in the Council Strategy

Ambitious Plans

Big projects include:

Organisational Development

Asset Management

Transform Leatherhead

Local Plan

Affordable Housing

Community Transport

And much more!

For more information about Mole Valley District Council, visit our website.